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Fusilier of the 4th IR Hoch und DeutschmasterN135 - Scottish Infantry Sergeant - 1815N163 - Bataillon of sailors of the imperial Guard, Officer - France, 1809-12NAP-48 - Sapper - 2nd Line Infantry Regt. Elite CompanyNAP-50 Joachim MuratAR08 - EK CastingsNAP-57 - Sergeant of the 4th Hussar Regiment of Hesse-HomburgNap-56 Horse Grenadier of the Imperial Guard - France, 1807-14Nap-55 - Général prince PoniatowskiNap-37 - French Fusilier 61st Regiment of LineNAP-51 Trumpet Avant-Garde Jaeger Battalion - Duchy of Brunswick - 1815NAP-49 NCO of the Royal guard hunter Corps - Denmark, 1806-14N140 - Ordinant gendarme. FranceN44 - Régiment of the light horses, Officer - FranceN113 - 5th Hussar Regiment - France, 1812N122 - Tambourmajor of the linear regiment. France, 1809-12NAP-01 - Trumpet Dragoon Regiment MoscowNAP-02NAP-03NAP-04 - 92nd Gordon Highlanders - 1815NAP-05 - Pavlovsky GrenadierNAP-06 - French SutleressNAP-07NAP-08NAP-09NAP-10 - Officer of the 2nd Life Hussar RegimentNAP-11 - Soldat du regiment des grenadiersNAP-12 - Grenadier de la Garde ImperialeNAP-13 - Napoléon BonaparteNAP-14 - spanish GrenadierAR-05 - Canon Gribeauval, 6 livres, FranceNAP-15NAP-16NAP-17 - Polish Rifleman 8th IRNAP-18 - Lieutenant-General Prince PI BagrationNAP-19 - 5° Real CalabriaNAP-20AR06R33NAP-21 - Feld Maréchal KoutouzovNAP-22 - Enseigne du regiment mousquetaireNAP-23NAP-24NAP-25NAP-26NAP-27 - Cuirassier du 3e RC, France, 1812NAP-28 - officer 6th infantry regiment Poland 1810-1814NAP-29 - Chevau-legers regiment de la GardeNAP-30 - Prince Eugene de BeauharnaisNAP-31 - Soldier of the 44th Regiment of Foot - East-Essex - 1812-1815NAP-32 - Royal Guard of honour, 1811-12NAP-33 - Officer of the Guards GrenadiersNAP-34NAP-35 - 6th Regiment Tauride GrenadierNAP-36N49 - Ier Rég. des GrenadiersN52 - Sapper of Line infantry -1812N53 - Officer of the Guards HorsemenN61 - Fusilier of line infantryN56 - Private cuirassier regimentN57 - Sergeant fuseliers line infantry