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M110 - standart bearer canton of uri

M110 - Standart bearer canton of Uri

ref. EK Castings M110

M110 - Standart bearer canton of Uri
German-speaking canton of Uri back in 1291 among the first to become part of the Swiss Confederation. Banner of the canton - "Sire Uri" was used in the battles of Morgarten (1315) and Laupene (1339). After Sempach (1386) between the horns of a bull sewn small white cross on a cloth. In the first half of the 15th century in place of the cross in the upper right corner has been restored previously existed a small rectangular colored embroidery depicting the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. This banner Zurich period Diessenhofen, Winterthur, Waldshut, Landshut and Gransona (1476)
Cloth banner yellow. The black bull's head; red ears, eyebrows, eyelids, tongue, lips, and nose ring; white teeth (with black portrayal), nostrils, eyes, eyebrows and nose edging.
The standard-bearer wears yellow and black clothes (in the color of their canton) and characteristic horned hood imitating a bull's head. On his chest stitched white cloth cross. In a hand-bearer holding a combat alarm horn.

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