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M184 - samourai

M184 - Samourai

ref. EK Castings Zinnfigur – M184 - Samourai

EK Castings M184 - Samourai, XI-XIIIs
In the early 10th century the main armor of the samurai are on-yoroi ( "Big Shell"), got its name because of the large size components. For a long time they were considered the only decent armor for samurai from a noble family.
Breastplate (up) this armor fully protect the chest, left side and back. Right side closed separate part (vaidate). The disadvantage of this box structure have a large weight (30 kg) and rigidity that restricts freedom of movement. Chest and sides cuirass had leather cover decorated with various Buddhist symbols, ornaments and vegetable animal images. Two broad scapular plate (sode) fastened by means of cords and bow (agemaki) located on the dorsal part of the armor. To protect the armpits and shoulder straps designed two small oblong plate. The right, wider (Sendai-but-ita) was laced of the movable plates, and the left, narrower (kyubi-but-ita) was an all-metal or leather. To protect the lower body fastened to a cuirass four trapezoidal section (kusazuri) consisting of five horizontal rows laced plates. All metal plate o-yoroi covered with black lacquer, and armor color imparted colored silk or leather lacing. Full body armor of the samurai was supplemented with a helmet (kabuto), Cloth Bracers (kote) and leggings (suneate). The helmet shell consists of a large number of plates, fastened by large conical rivets. Neck protected soshnurovannyh five series of plates (shikoro). The upper four rows in the curled side, forming a face protection from side impacts (fukigaesi). At the top of the helmet there a hole through which passes the top cap eboshi. It was believed that through his warrior spirit permeates the god of war - Hachiman.

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